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      <page pageid="12" ns="0" title="Scripting and Automation">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">Scripts in BBEdit can be executable Unix files, AppleScript files, text factories, or Automator workflows. These are run simply by loading the item and calling it directly, without providing any inputs. (Naturally, AppleScript scripts and Automator actions can query the application, and #! scripts have some information passed to `argc` and `argv` as usual.)

The Scripts menu (and palette) contains all eligible items from the Scripts folder, which can be found in ~/Library/Application Support/BBEdit/Scripts.

* [[Attachment Points]]

== Automating BBEdit ==

* [ Send to Arduino]
* [ Turn clipboard contents into plain text] (Automator action. Put in ~/Library/Services, invoke from AppName -&gt; Services menu.)
* [ Entable - Line up text into columns] (see also: [ a unix filter to do a similar thing]
* [ Zen Coding]
* [ Incrementing values down multiple lines of code]
* [ Post to MetaWeblog]
* [ SproutCore]
* [ Tabstop cycle]
* [ Text bigger]
* [ Text smaller]
* [ Trim and detab]
* [ Open file in new window and arrange]
* [ Show Scratchpad (regardless of what app or Space is frontmost)]
* [ Close and Save front file]
* [ Download direct to BBEdit]
* [ Selecting a sentence in BBEdit]
* [ Listing your saved Grep patterns in a readable list]
* [ Quick Grep Search Forward]
* [ Running your selection through a one-off script]
* [ Increment lines based on template]
* [ Save each line in the current BBEdit document to its own file]
* [ Update current project's &quot;tags&quot; file]
* [ Send selection to BBEdit Worksheet]
* [ Find starting at the top of a document]
* [ Toggle Distraction Free Writing]
* [ Extract Placeholder]

== BBEdit with other applications ==
* [ Go Here in Terminal]
* [ Go Here in iTerm]
* [ Go Here in BBEdit's Shell Worksheet]
* [ Git-bbdiff]
* [ Git pull]
* [ Git x]
* [ Launch PeepOpen for current project or document]
* [ Finder Toolbar icon script for BBEdit]
* [ Send selection to nvALT] (Note: must be storing your notes as Plain Text Files)

== BBEdit and Unix ==

* [ Edit a file in BBEdit from SSH on another machine!]

== Text Selection and Text Navigation Scripts ==

* [ Delete entire line]
* [ Comment entire line]

* [ IDE style go to start of the line behavior (Go to the start of the text on a line or the start)]
* [ Select Word script for BBEdit]
* [ Auto-indent for Python, HTML, CSS, Ruby, and more]
* [ New Line above current with appropriate indentation level]
* [ Editor Actions package - packages these scripts up with Join Lines + some others]
* [ Source package - includes scripts to select an entire string]
* [ Inserting text in your column selection (aka: &quot;multiple carets&quot;)]
* [ Run current selection as BBEdit Clipping]
== Applescript Snippets for BBEdit ==

These snippets illustrate techniques for doing stuff in BBEdit with Applescript. They are not meant to be full scripts, but show techniques that you might need for scripts ''you'' write.

* [ Inserting Some text at the insertion point]
* [ Getting a list of open documents in your BBEdit project]
* [ Example of creating a text filter with Applescript]
* [ Finding and selecting text in Applescript]

== More ==

Don't see what you're after? Try these other wiki pages:

* [[Using BBEdit and (your language)]]
* [[Using BBEdit to make eBooks]]
A BBEdit package also contain the script you're looking for: check out this wiki's list of [[Packages]]</rev>
      <page pageid="9" ns="0" title="Support for features in other editors">
          <rev contentformat="text/x-wiki" contentmodel="wikitext" xml:space="preserve">When you learn how to use a text editor, it can be hard to move to another product because you've got a lot invested in keyboard shortcuts, muscle memory, and functionality. 

Here are some things that might help you replicate those in BBEdit.

* [ Entable - Line up text into columns]
* [ Moving Back to BBEdit from TextMate]
* [ Ruby on Rails Cheat Sheet]
* Auto-close braces, brackets, and quotation marks with  [ AutoPairs] (currently supported on BBEdit 12, without AutoPairs)
* Find file in project (command-T): Use [ PeepOpen] from PeepCode (no longer necessary as of BBEdit 10.0.2)
* [ Auto-indent and smart newlines like vim and emacs]
* Concatenate: Edit -&gt; Insert -&gt; File Contents
* [ On a remote server open, up BBEdit on your local Mac, like Textmate's RMate command]</rev>